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“A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself.”

— Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Let's Begin Telling a Different Story About Bullying:

I Have Been...

First of all, all of us at SFC salute you for reading this! It takes enormous courage to consider ourselves after we do something that might be “wrong” (either because it feels wrong or other people say it is wrong). The first step is already complete! By looking at this page you have allowed for the possibility that you might in fact can be the hero of your own journey.

Second, if most people were honest with themselves, the truth is that we have all been bullies at some point in our lives (either to ourselves, our community, or groups farther away).

We have new options to offer you on how to get connected differently to your peers, yourself, and your community! So, please continue exploring our Stand For Courage website. We are here to listen and problem solve with you about whatever’s happened or going on!
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I Am...

First of all, all of us at SFC are so glad that you are here and reading this right now! Many of us feel passionate about this organization because we too have felt the sting of bullying when we were younger and we are here to be the resource for you that we did not have!

We have a community that is going to help you get connected to more support and most importantly, help the bullying stop!

Click on the links throughout the site to learn more about the different ways someone can be a target, what your peers are saying about when they were targeted, and for resources on how to get your community to see and stop what is happening to you!

Real Talk Box: You might notice that we didn’t use the term “victim” here. When we believe we are victimized, we reinforce in this word a story that we have no power (because someone took it away!). Instead, SFC is using the word “target” because it is an action word. It gives you the chance to change as the target (i.e., become a “moving target”!), to evolve, and even to transcend the moment and story of having lost your power.

Click below to watch Shane Koyczan's video about confronting bullying.
I Have Seen...

You might be a friend, parent, teacher, or just someone on the street who recognized a social event that most of us have seen before: Where an individual (or group) uses their power to coerce and cause negative feelings/experiences for the targeted individual. What many of those who have experienced bullying hope is that when they get away, it will never happen again (for example: “when I leave this room...” and “when I graduate...” etc.). Unfortunately, the reality is that the actions of bullying does not stop in school, and bullying is a pervasive phenomena seen throughout our planet at every level!

We are glad that you are concerned enough that you are seeking information and tools to help the person who was bullied. Good! That is the first step in an act of courage – recognizing your own power to effect change!

The good news is that you have the most power to change the bullying behavior! There is plenty of evidence to suggest that most bullying happens with a cooperative audience. If you stop cooperating, you take the wind out of the bullying behavior’s sails! Click HERE for some resources to help you get inspired on how to stand for courage in the situation you find yourself.
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Your Mind
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Now Available!

It's Your Mind: OWN IT!
A Manual for Every Teen
Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW
and Norene Gonsiewski, MSW, LCSW

Adolescence isn't easy. But the youth-friendly It's Your Mind: Own It! can help every teen have an awesome life. Written by veteran therapists Nicole Jon Sievers and Norene Gonsiewski, this book is a treasure chest of neuroscience-based information to help youth understand why they're thinking what they're thinking and why they're feeling what they're feeling; learn tools to exterminate automatic negative thoughts (ANTs); and master strategies for dealing with setbacks and for embracing challenges.

This innovative manual for teaching teens to take control of their roller coaster of feelings is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Theory and delightfully illustrated.

Featured topics include: understanding the brain, coping with anger, managing anxiety, dealing with depression, getting motivated, finding success in failure, practicing compassion, maintaining balance in life, managing stress, and living with gratitude.

From the Introduction:
We know certain thinking styles can prevent you from living a life full of energy, pleasure, creativity, innovation, resilience, and happiness. Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and negative self-talk can ruin self-esteem, inhibit your capacity to recognize and develop your unique gifts, and get in the way of connecting, and staying connected, with others. Limiting thought patterns also make it difficult to get motivated and to perform your best.

You are in the driver’s seat! You have the choice whether you steer your life without unnecessary distractions and tap into your inner resources to create a life you love—or always feel like you’re driving a bus full of chattering inner critics, rebels, naysayers, doubters, judgers, and slackers shouting out directions. The key to quieting the chattering is understanding your amazing brain. You absolutely can think your way to feeling curious about the day’s potential when you awake, to setting and achieving goals, to forging good alliances, and to being happy. Our book can show you how.

The first journey is your mind. The second journey is your co-creation of a world that works for everyone. We invite you to practice your newfound skills by committing to stand for courage for yourself, for your community, and for the world.

The ultimate road map for a teenager . . . Information that will help teenagers and young adults find their inner power, their sense of ‘can do,’ their strength and courage to seek out their own success.

artist, actor and guitarist for Billy Idol & Royal Machines

The proceeds from the sales of this book will be shared with Stand For Courage and with other nonprofit organizations that work to better our world.

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It's not the bully.
It's not the victim.
It's you.
Don't be a bystander.
Stand up, step in, and speak out.
Get caught doing the right thing:
Stand For Courage.

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“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

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