About Us

Stand for Courage is both an organization and a movement.

As an organization, we provide recognition from celebrities to youth who stand up for one another and themselves. Through the use of positive recognition, reward, and education, we celebrate every individual who refuses to stand by and watch while others are pressured and hurt by bullying.

In recent years, the definition of bullying has evolved and expanded. Bullying is more than just physical aggression that makes us feel unsafe. It includes verbal and emotional attacks that make us feel disrespected. Bullying prevents each individual from shining in his or her own unique way. It can be gossiping, name-calling, threatening, intimidating, rumor spreading, or negative posting on a social networking site. While different people have different levels of tolerance to these types of behaviors, it is important to note that all forms of negative words or actions are harmful, regardless of whether or not they elicit a reaction from an individual.

As a movement, we lead and empower America’s young people to rise in defense of their own rights and the rights of others. We recognize that each individual has one indisputable job: to be the best self that they can be.  By inspiring communities to encourage individual positive strength and mutual respect, we create an environment where our youth grow as people and succeed.

Our program begins in Portland, Oregon. Youth grades 6-12 are invited to nominate one another for Stand For Courage awards. Recognition and awards will be presented to selected individuals at several major events including concerts and sports games beginning in the fall of 2012. Nomination forms will be available on our website, in schools, and at community centers and events.